Librocritosis (pronounced LEE BRO CRY TOE SIS) is defined by this site’s author to be the process of reading critically. There have been several concepts running through my head for this site, but for now it will serve as a collection of my own proposals for solving controversial problems in the United States. I have also mused with the possibility of running for elected office, but for now I will limit myself to placing my ideas in the global forum of innovation in the hopes that they can be refined and used to benefit society. One other important note about this site is that I currently have no plans to renew this domain beyond May 19, 2019 at 23:59 GMT at which time all content on this site shall be erased and the domain transferred into an unaffiliated third party’s control so make sure to archive posts on your own behalf.

As far as comments, I require registration so that I can manually remove comments that are either hateful or seriously off-topic. However, I believe that all sides of an issue should have a voice so I am not going to moderate on the basis of content.