I am a conservative male, but I believe the abortion clinic is not the place we should be fighting the problem. No, the larger problem involves abusive partners, unsupportive families, and formidable economic obstacles. Yet, I also believe there are cases where abortion should absolutely be against the law.

It is my personal belief that abortion should be reserved only for the rare instances when medicine knows no way to save the mother and the child both. The challenge with solutions such as the “morning after pill” is that women who have experienced traumatic events such as rape may not be emotionally ready to make the decision, or worse they may still be in a dangerous situation when the drug is most effective. I’d personally prefer if things like the “morning after pill” would be used after traumatic or accidental sexual exposure rather than seeking an abortion later on, but alas it really isn’t up to the government or even partners to dictate the options a woman has. Now, with all that said I am completely against abortions past the point where the best medical technologies give the child decent odds of surviving into adulthood. I am also against using abortions to select the gender of the child and I am also against using sperm sorting technologies for gender selection pre-conception. As far as serious fetal abnormalities, the issue is even more complicated as there have been reports out of China that CRISPR-CAS9 has been used to successfully treat genetic defects in human embryos. Ultimately, it will be up to the mother to decide the fate of the fetus.

I have personally known mothers who have seemed to be able to provide a loving home and pursued career development without the father in the picture, but these are exceptional women with extremely supportive families and friends helping them. I have also seen parents who don’t seem to know how to love their children and those children end up propagating the cycle of despair for the most part. I think the first step in reducing abortions in America is to ensure all women are given support in both maintaining a job and raising children prior to the age children can attend school. Although it is certainly possible to raise decent children as a single parent, it is far harder than if two people are able to work together. The problem is, there are large numbers of men who have been indoctrinated through their religious beliefs to only accept women who are virgins for relationships. Knowing this, I fear some women choose an abortion in the hopes of being able to find a supportive spouse in the future for their own needs as well as for any future children.

Abuse is a whole mess of its own and honestly can’t be solved in any simple way. Certainly children are being taught about sexual consent in schools, but this is a result of too many families either not adequately addressing abuse at home or worse exposing the children to abusive situations at home. When a woman is fleeing an abusive relationship during a pregnancy, she is forced to decide between having an abortion or fulfilling the pregnancy and bearing the burdens of parenting with whatever help she can get. The only real option we have is to fight against the religious doctrines that teach adultery is a capital offense. We can improve education so people don’t believe in sexual myths that lead to unexpected pregnancies, but jealousy is a tough force to contend with.

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